Monday, April 4, 2011

Another catchup.. a little OPRY!

Yup.. I'm still alive! Took like a month to decide to start blogging again- crazy month! But for Valentines Day, Jon bought us tickets to the Grand Ol Opry to see Rodney Adkins, Blake Shelton and Carrie Underwood. It was surreal!!! Just to be there was so awe inspiring! And heartbreaking to see what happened to it during the flood. It was pretty much destroyed. But it was restored to it's origional beauty after a lot of dedication and hard work. The greatest thing was the circle. This piece of floor was in the origional Opry which is the Ryman downtown where it all began. When they built the Opry House, they cut out the circle where all the stars stood to sing and put it in the middle stage at the Opry. They were able to remove the circle, restore it and put it back it it's rightful place. Anywho, I finally was able to fulfill a dream of mine by going to the Opry to see a real show. We went at Christmas to see the Rockettes but this was SO much different! I know Jon wasn't to thrilled about going but he knew how important it was to me so he endured and I'm sure even though he won't admit it, he had a good time too!

Carrie Underwood
Blake Shelton Little Jimmy Dickins Rodney Adkins **YUM**

Have a great day!

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