Monday, April 11, 2011

Time Out For Women

If you EVER get a chance to go to one of these events, please please PLEASE don't pass it up! It was 2 days of complete upliftment! Every woman no matter who you are, what your situation is in life or whatever NEEDS to have some time where you can be lifted up and encouraged to see who you really are and your potential to be who you want to be! I loved it! The cool thing was my little sister Peggy flew in from Florida to go with me and that was a great experience! She brought her little baby Becca and we had a great weekend with them! Check out our weekend events here The theme was 'Choose to Become' All things are possible to him that believeth. Mark 9:23. We were encouraged to make a goal to work on this year that will help us see who we can become. My goal is to do more to preserve our family memories (aka get caught up with scrapbooking). Here's a few pics from the event:

Hilary Weeks was one of the big music performers. She is amazing.. so darn funny!!!

Peggy and I in front of the Cumberland River downtown during our lunch break

Julia S, me, Kristy B and Peggy with Rebecca

Me and my good friend Kristy when it was all over.

It was good times my friends... good times!

And with that I will leave you with the one thing I took from the conference that I will never EVER forget...

We will know our children as adults for eternity-- but only as children right now.

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Kris said...

Holy smokes! That last sentence is a sobering thought, isn't it? That totally makes me sad!