Friday, April 15, 2011

I did it... I'm a Heritage Makers consultant!!!

If you didn't get the email I sent out, it's just cuz I didn't have your email address handy or I don't even know you and you're reading my blog anyways. But since you are reading, I'm going to copy my intro email here. Basically this is my plea for you all to check out this company! And if you do end up joining, please do it under me!

Hey my friends!!! As most of you know, I've been a paper crafter for years! And those that have been to my house also know I have accumulated literally TONS of supplies and tools of every shape and size in the hopes of getting my memories preserved. Not only that but I had it in my head that I would always be up to date with my scrapbooking.

But stepping out of a perfect world, that just isn't happening. But what was is happening instead is life! And in my life I'm a mom, a wife, a school volunteer, a homemaker, a facebook stalker, a couponer, a church goer, etc.... and sadly what was getting forgotten was preserving these precious memories I'm making in my life! In fact, my scrapbook room just became a source of stress because I did get so behind.

And then I found Heritage Makers. I'm a cheapo... and all I could think of when I was first debating about joining was that I have everything to make my own albums! But sitting on that thought was only going to cause me to do just that.. sit on it! And with ClubHM, I'd be getting way more than I'm paying for.

So I took the jump and joined ClubHM and let me tell you friends- I'm never looking back! I have been able to make awesome album pages in no time at all while I'm sitting watching whatever I dvr'd the night before! And I'm saving money already by not having to print out a zillion pictures. I still have my room of goodies because I'm a card maker but now I can have my cards and scrapbooks too!!! PLUS it's not just scrapbooks! It's canvas pictures, cards, invites, a deck of cards, etc!! All custom made by YOU!

Because I love this company, I decided to be a consultant so I can share this with you! I've been a consultant of another company before and it wasn't my thing.. but I'm extremely passionate about the importance of preserving and sharing my families memories. I'm not doing it for money or recognition. I'm doing it because I am wow'd by what I can now create!

There are many options when joining Heritage Makers.

You can start out by creating a free account and still make some great albums. BUT you don't have access to everything HM offers.

That's when the premiere account comes in. For $20/mo, you then have unlimited photo storage and thousands of templates and embellishments! And then you buy what you want to print- same as the free acct.

However, here's an even better deal! Join Club HM!!! For just $10 more/mo (so $30), you get the premiere account AND 40 publishing points each month which is equivalent to $40..each month! And you can stack your points because they don't expire for 2yrs! Basically you're saving $30 by doing that.

And it goes on from there.

If you already use Heritage Makers, you then already know how awesome it is so go log on and create some works of art! If you're unsure about it, you have nothing to loose by creating your own account for free and checking it out! There's something for everyone and I'm sure you will love it like I do!

Head on over to (that'll be changed to something cooler soon) and cruise around.

The template gallery has some amazing stuff that other people have designed and you can use to change their pictures to yours!

Thanks for reading and if nothing else, I made you all think of me for a few minutes!!

Much love!

Shannon Harris

PS- forward this on to friends and family that you may think would be interested. It'll help me get my business up and running and good karma for you!

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