Monday, April 11, 2011

Heritage Makers

So in my previous post, I mentioned that my goal for this year from TOFW was to preserve my families memories. This is so so so so important to me... I was talking to a lady recently that said she just wishes her mom would have kept an album or even a journal of her as a kid so she could see how she used to be. I don't want my children growing up wishing the same things. And me regreting that I don't have anything to look back on. Sure we have our memories but you know as we get older, those get more hazy.

And if you know me, you also know I have a room FULL of every scrapbook item available from papers, to stamps, to cutters, to embellishments, etc... so you'd think I'd be on top of this right? Nope! I am about a good 6yrs behind!!!

BUT I found the answer to my problems.

Heritage Makers!!!!!!!


I love love love love love this company!

It's a total online digital scrapbooking company that you create your stuff and they print it and mail it to you. And it's not just scrapbooks. It's canvas prints and cards and invitations and playing cards and posters, etc-- all custom made by you!

So I joined Club HM. I pay $30/mo (there's other price plans also) and I have access to thousands of templates and I get 40 publishing pts each month (each point=$1). And those points add up so I can save them and use them for big stuff! Right now I am making pages for 2010 as well as a mini album from our trip to Nauvoo where I'm taking our pictures but instead of writing about what we did, I'm using church history for the places we went. I'm excited to get that done and the kids can have a book to read in church.

The greatest thing I'm finding it that the templates are all drag and drop. SO you find one you like, you replace your pictures with theirs, do a little writing about it if you want and you're done! SO EASY!!!

I'm even thinking about being a consultant for them. You all know how crazy cheap I am right? Well I am. CRAZY CHEAP! But do you also know how much I have spent in the last several years in scrapbook supplies? Don't do what I did if you want to start scrapping. This is the best deal I've seen! I haven't signed up yet because I don't know if there's an interest out there but if there is, let me know! That may help my decision making.

Anywho- I wanted to share a few pages I created.


Keaven Neely said...

I LOVE Heritage Makers too. I could spend all our money on their stuff. I've made a ton from them too... birthday invitations, books for Chris... lots and lots. I was also thinking about becoming a consultant simply because I use them so much and with family alone I would have a huge client base. Your pages look amazing ;) Inspiring me to get caught up.

Kris said...

I love Heritage Makers! I made a book about our Disneyland trip a couple of years ago. And another good thing is that if there's a problem with the book (my book had the clear part coming off the cover)- they will replace it instantly with no questions asked. Awesome!