Friday, October 24, 2008

Goodnight, Good Morning, Riellykins

So it's Thursday night... no actually Friday morning and I've been up since 3:30am! I can't sleep!! I'm having a major allergy attack only on the left side of my face. Weird huh? My left eye is swollen, my left nostrel is plugged and the left side of my throat hurts! So the left side of me won't let the rest of me sleep. Not cool!!!

So since I had some time to myself and I've already showered and swept the kitchen floor (heaven knows I should be doing more!), and watched an episode of Girls Next Door, I thought I'd take a moment and blog (sorry Misti- I know you hate that word but it's now a part of everyday household vocabulary).

Test results came back on me and everything is honkeydory. YAY! We decided to wait a few months to start fertility. We have to have one more test done that insurance doesn't cover and it's just a bad time of yr to be doing that so we'll wait and see. And surprisingly I'm really okay with that!
Prayers go out to my Grandpa Les at this time who is not doing so well. He decided it was time to just let nature run it's course and sadly nature always does. He stopped dialysis and now it's a matter of time before he returns to our Father in Heaven. He's had a good life and I will miss him so. I regret I can't be there to see him one last time. I know he will return to good hands and soon he'll be able to see my dad again and for that, I'm rather envious. But I pray that he won't be in a lot of pain and that they (grandpa and grandma and everyone else) and myself will feel comfort at this time. I also pray he has a little more time...that we all have a little more time.

Rielly had her little photo shoot at the dance studio last week. She just got to play and they took pictures. She had a ball! You can check out her 2 pics on the website (I thought theyshould've picked better ones but what to I know!) at under the mommy and me section. Someday I'll be listed under the faculty/staff section but I have yet to give a bio.

Anyways here's some of her shots!


Jill said...

Those pictures are so cute. I love her curly hair.

Kayleen, Isaac, & Dylan said...

I can not believe how long Rielly's hair has gotten! So precious.

Kenningtons said...

Such a cutie!! I seriously can't get enough of those curls!! What a lucky girl! GOOD NEWS that all is well with you. YAY!