Thursday, October 2, 2008

I'm grateful for.. Thursday

Today I am extremely thankful for service. Not just the service I recieve from others but the service I am able to give to others. Lately I've been thinking more about this and wondering.. is too much service a bad thing? Is it wrong to be so willing to serve others? Nay I say.
Service comes in so many ways. A card to brighten someones day. A phone call (or text sometimes) just to check and see how someone is doing. Volunteering to watch children or running to the grocery store. Playing the piano for a special number, smiling at someone in the hall for no reason, taking a friend out to lunch... I can go on an on. And all these things- giving and receiving them are irreplacable!
The other day, a great friend of mine Cheryl asked to take me out to lunch. She probably has no idea how much that meant to me for her to think of me and want to spend her time and money to take me to lunch and be able to talk. That was a wonderful act of service on her part and at the same time, I feel by listening and talking and just being a friend that I in return gave service to her.

Today I saw one of the greatest acts of service I have seen and felt in a long time. A dear friend of mine has a very special occasion happening tomorrow. Her husband is getting baptised. This is something they have been waiting for for so so long. And of course as anyone would be who is having a big event, family coming into town and friends coming to visit, the little things that need done have been weighing on her. So myself and 2 other dear friends offered to come over and help get her place together-- to help with those little things that are often overlooked in general housecleaning. And we all worked together and had such a lovely time-- it didn't seem like work at all! And it was done in a few hrs and gave her time to get the other important things that needed attended to. She is our friend.. we love her. So cleaning to us seemed like such a little thing to do but to her, it was HUGE! She was so grateful and so relieved and it felt so good to make our friend happy. And little did she know- she was offering service to us by allowing us to do this for her and to be able to spend time with each other and to talk and just to be.

I have so many examples of various types of service... sadly sometimes I do things grudgingly. Sometimes I complain. But I could say no. Yes I do hate saying no to people and letting people down. But I could. However that isn't who I am. I am one who wants to make people happy. I am one who wants to be friends with everyone. I am one who will do anything for any of my friends. It's the small acts of service that make me who I am. And that in the end makes me happy. Maybe sometimes it's not in the beginning or in the middle but reaping the rewards of service, that makes me happy. And it makes others happy. And that's what compassionate service is all about.


Khourt said...

Aww What a great post. I, too, like to help others and enjoy it. Its such a great feeling to know that Ive helped somebody out.

Annie Taylor said...

Hey Shannon, it has been a long time! I found your blog through Becca's. I really enjoyed your post. For someone who's known you since what?--4th grade? You have always been very friendly and willing to help anyone out-Thats what I remember. I will keep checking out your blog. See Ya!