Wednesday, February 11, 2009

And on a happier note.. 6yrs ago today

I became a mom. Reese was born via emergency c-section Feb 11th 2003 at 2:35pm weighing 8lb10oz. And he was absolutely perfect. A definate perk of having him c-section was that large head of his was unbelievable round!
I was a few dates late and as huge as a house and completely miserable so my dr scheduled an induction for the 11th. I went in that morning with both my parents and I was the only one there which in Santa Maria, that was pretty amazing. The dr I absolutely did not want to deliver me was the one on call of course. But anyways they stripped me down and hooked me up and put in some pill that was supposed to soften the cervix and help get things ready to go. I was having no contractions, no dialation, nothing. So we walked around and tried to get things starting. An hr or two later, I started having very very small contractions but everytime I did, his heart rate would drop. It happened so fast- they put an oxygen mask on me and said they needed to prep me for a c-section. Jon was out getting lunch and I freaked out! I was begging to just keep trying but because I wasn't dialated and barely contracting, there was no way he could survive labor. So Jon was found and off to surgery I went. And it took all of like 10-15minutes for that booger to be born. Funny thing though- as I was being taken to the ER, the kid flipped and you could see my whole stomach warp. He turned himself (good thing i was numb)-- he was determined not to come out!!! So one they did get him, he was wrapped in the cord 3 times! No wonder he kept loosing oxygen. And man he was soooo mad! But absolutely perfect!
And that was a perfect day-- and here we are 6yrs later and I still feel too young to have kids- let alone one that will be baptised in 2 yrs!

He is such a smart kid. He loves computer games and video games. He's very curious and thinks he pretty much can fix anything and sure tries to! Of course he's also a typical boy and always wants things his way. The other day he said he knew he was getting a laptop for his bday (just a fun one that plays games) and when I told him he couldn't get on the internet with it, he said "how come I never get any technology?!". He cracks me up!!!
Anyways Happy Birthday my little man! We sure love you!!!


Kris said...

Technology!!!??? Man, these kids today totally crack me up! Tell him Happy Birthday for me.

Rebecca said...

What a great day. So glad yoy shared.

MarcomsMadness said...

I love reading your blog! You make me laugh and cry all at the same time. I love the way you see your cute! Hope he has a GRRRREEEEAAATTT day!

Kenningtons said...

Happy birthday Reese!! Crazy story about the labor and delivery!