Saturday, February 14, 2009

I baked!!!

I don't bake.. but in my effort to save some money, I thought I should actually make cupcakes for Reeses class rather than buy them like I usually would.

And they weren't toooooooo bad. I used the kitchenaid and I even let the kids decorate them.. am I turning into a domestic diva or what. Okay you're right... the OR WHAT would be the correct answer. Anyways behold- my cupcakes.

And just for good measure- here's a cute pic of Rielly!


Kenningtons said...

Impressive!!! I get more and more envious of your skills in every post. Move over Martha!!!

Autumn said...

Shannon, your cupcakes look great!

Khourt said...

Awesome cupcakes!!! I hate the decorating part so I normally just make them and then let the boys decorate them.

I love the pictures too.

Rebecca said...

They looked great! I need some of your cinnamon rolls!

klutzy k said...

i don't think i know you, but i'm christine burk's sister. i just clicked on your blog because you were on her list and may i just say: YOUR CHILDREN ARE SOME OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL KIDS I HAVE EVER SEEN. honestly. wow. i wouldn't bother leaving a comment for someone i don't know otherwise. ;) congrats, and i hope you're blessed with more soon! :)