Wednesday, February 18, 2009

He's been crowned!!!

I have to admit.. my son has my terrrrrrrible teeth! Poor guy! At 6yrs old, by the time this is over, he'll have 4 crowns, 2 fillings and a tooth extraction! What is going on?!??!!?! I feel awful about it all too. They're not pretty white crowns like adults get (and thankfully not as expensive)-- they're SILVER and oh so notisable. They just blast the message "my mom didn't teach me good dental habits". Ugggg

But Reese did great. Last week he had 2 of the crowns put on and did amazing. No crying- very cooperative and patient. Today we went back because he had an absessed tooth so they had to extract it and then filled 2 teeth while they were at it. He cried a bit when they gave him the shot but after it was all over he said "That was awesome!". I guess he was amazed they could take a tooth out so fast. And the weirdo liked to be numb! In 2 weeks, we finish off with the last 2 crowns and we give them the rest of our money (which has turned out to be a lot!!).

Here's some pics of the work being done and the cool dr that we just bought a car for. We both really like Dr Carlos- he looks about 21 and is so good with Reese! Hopefully we get him again next time.


Jill said...

Poor guy!! I can't believe the dentist is smiling, thats so funny. Well Reese will always remember from the pictures. :)

Kenningtons said...

Your comment about buying the doctor a car made me laugh!! It's crazy how expensive good health is sometimes! Way to go Reese!! Way to be so brave at the dentist's office!