Monday, February 23, 2009

One of my hobbies...

After many hrs over 2 days, I finally got my crap.. I mean CRAFT room in a walkinable condition. Seriously.. it was bad! But now I can go in, kinda find what I'm looking for and then get a few things done!
So for those who saw the before room, prepare to be amazed!!! The rest of you will probably still see a massively chaotic room. But just trust me- it's 100% transformed. Sad I know!
Let's take a tour shall we?

Here is my punchyard. There's 6-7big ones on each side and a bunch of small ones. And I NEED them all!
My friend Danyel turned me on to Bellas. I started with 1 and now have a drawerful! They are super cute stamps..

Yeah I have a lot of eyelets. This drawer is full and believe it or not, I just went in on more with my sister. Who needs this many? I guess I do.. for something! Anyone need and eyelet.. or a thousand?

At one point, this was a good sized bedroom until I came in! Look-- there's a floor!!!!!! I'm not an organized person so things are still here and there and everywhere but I know where my chair is and my table. What more can a girl ask for? And yes.. thanks for my dear friend Brenda, that is a Twilight poster on the wall. *sigh*

Here's just a few extra drawers full of... stuff

and all my ink pads

Can't have ink pads without stamps right? These are my stampin up sets. I actually pruned this down.. I have a lot on the otherside of the room that I'm listing on ebay

paper.. paper paper paper!!! Need I say more??? I'm a stampin up cardstock snob though. Oh and bazill.. that's good stuff too

Here's my Valentines Bella card just for good measure.

Kris (HI KRIS!) asked me for ideas for Valentines treats which made me have to think of what I'll do for the kids class so here's what we made. I know Kris also made some super cute ones of these as well! We're crafting together from different sides of the country! Anyways Reese stamped and I assembled.

The End!


Khourt said...

What a lot of stuff you have!! Ive been going through my stuff so I dont have as much to move but I have like maybe one of those drawers full lol.

Cute valentines too

Kenningtons said...

GET OUT! That craft room is AWESOME! As in you put Hobby Lobby to shame! You've definitely got your craft goin' on, girl!!!

I am so jealous of your skills!!! No soy crafty (and I don't speak Spanish-but I'm trying to get better-so I really don't know what I just typed). I want to be like you!

The v-day card you made could sell for big bucks! You know what I just realized?? My craft is BUYING other people's crafts!!! I AM crafty!!! HA!! For my sake, keep on crafting...!

Kris said...

I have a room that looks worse than that, only mine is filled to the brim with sewing stuff! And I don't have the luxury of having an empty room- I have to TRY to keep it somewhat neat because it serves as a guest room too. If only I could see the floor in my room.....

And I must say, your Valentines came out way cuter than mine- but in my defense, I did let Emma just kind of run with her own ideas. What a cop-out, huh? Thanks for the help!