Thursday, September 2, 2010

I take it back!!!

So remember a few weeks ago (okay my last post) I was having a real difficult time adjusting to the kids being in school??


How did I survive with them home?!?!? I am soooo loving this! I got myself a sorta schedule and no more getting up at 4:45am to run. That was the source of my sleeplessness I found out.

And here's a shocker but I went back on prozac. Yeah yeah yeah maybe like 10yrs ago prozac was the crazy people drug and it was a big secret to be on anything like that. But let me tell you for all you skeptics out there, when it comes down to either a happy home or a stressed out mama, I will do what ever it takes! There's no shame. I'm not depressed. But I do have some anxiety. Okay a lot of anxiety. And the meds don't take that completely away. It just pretty much makes me not care about it! It was a pretty big reality check when I realize the nit picking and arguing and stupid little fights that were going on in my marriage were because of me. Little kick in the pants for sure. But it was something I needed to see and something I needed to change. So now when Jon looks at me funny, rather then biting his head off and not talk to him for 2 days because I think he's looking at my zit, I can ask calmly "why are you looking at me funny?". He can say "I'm not- I have something in my eye" and we can happily move on. Meltdown averted.

So anyways that has also helped in this transition.

And I changed my running schedule. Rather then miserably going out at 5am, I wait until the bus comes and Jon leaves to work at 7:30 and then I go. Back by 9-9:15. Then I clean up and sit at the computer for an hr or two working on South Nash Dash social media stuff and just lately also doing social media for I Run for the Party..another race/event planner. That has also helped with this. Having a purpose but not having to get dressed for it. And when I'm done, I'm free to do whatever. I give myself an hr or so to work on a scrapbook I'm being paid to make and sometimes I clean up a bit. But I enjoy the quiet and peacefulness and I'm a much nicer mom when the kids get home from school.

Speaking of the South Nash Dash, that's coming up in like 16days! It's a 5k that my great friend Kristy Barkley is putting together. Jon and I will be running that and then the week after is my 1/2 marathon! I can't believe it's so soon! But I'll be ready. Kristy and I pulled off 12miles last Saturday and we're gonna do the full 13 this week. Each week I do something I never thought I would do. 6months ago, there was no way in hell I would want to even walk a mile. Now I enjoy it! Sure my feet hurt and I haven't been without at least 2 painful blisters for awhile now. But I enjoy it because I CAN DO IT!

Plus training for this marathon has truely changed my life in other ways- not just getting me more active and confident in my ability to be active.
I have the best training partner in the world! Kristy has become one of my closest friends and I can't imagine not having come to know her! Saturdays we seriously drag ourselves out of bed to be out the door around 5 but it's something I personally look forward to because that's a few hrs of no kids, no interuptions (except for the occasional dog following us home) and just girl talk. Who wouldn't love that?!?!? And she has pushed me and motivated me and helped me to see what I can do even when I fought it. She knows all my crazy quirks but still loves me and doesn't judge me and I couldn't ask for a better friend. OH and she doesn't complain when I stink like high hell-- because she does too! Seriously you don't want to be around us after one of our Saturday walks/runs or whatever we do.

PLUS she pays me.. hahaha. I joke with her that she pays me to be her friend but actually I get paid to play on facebook and twitter everyday. And in 2 weeks, we'll see if all her hard work and my begging people to sign up for the 5k pays off. And then she recommended me to her friend that does the I Run for the Party so now I can pay for my own Sonic drinks thanks to her!

She also has a pretty cool blog that she just started that will be her experiences with quitting a full time job and staying home with the kids while still working for her own business and on top of it all, being the RS president! Check it out!

So all my rambling is basically shouting out to say Kristy I love you!

All in all, life is good. I have a great husband who truely does adore me and I him. I have 2 beautiful kids that make me absolutely NUTS but I couldn't imagine my life without them (except M-F between 7:30-3:30). Jon has a job that supports us and pays the bills, we go to church each week, have a roof over our head, we have amazing friends and support system. And our house FINALLY sold!!! What more do we need?

So this week, I take all my griping back and I am going to sit back and enjoy life. Blisters and all!


Kris said...

I was just thinking about your house this week- and it has sold? Yay!!!!

This post made me laugh, tear up, & just be happy for you. I did the meds thing for a while & Oh, BOY did it make a difference for Andy & I. No shame, girl. As far as I'm concerned, they should be handin' those happy pills out to all married women!

Keep on troopin- you're my inspiration to get back into shape after this little one comes!

DP Renshaw said...

Cool - I didn't know your house sold. That's awesome!