Monday, September 20, 2010

Not just another pair of shoes....

I just want to write a post about my son, Reese.

I tell him everyday how much I love him. I make sure he gets so many hugs and kisses. And still I don't think it's nearly enough.

He is a handful at times I will admit. He makes me want to scream and pull my hair out at times too.

But he has taught me things that I should be teaching to him.

He has a good heart. And it's a loving heart. And it's a giving heart.

I just wanted to share an experience we had this weekend that taught me so much in one small act of service.

Jon and I ran the 5k at the South Nash Dash. At this event, there were 30+ vendors and one of those vendors was a wonderful company called Soles4Souls. They collect donated shoes and distribute them to those in need all over the world. I learned and was touched by this company by promoting it through Social Media for the South Nash Dash. So Jon, Reese and I were walking around these vendor tables and stopped at the S4S table where Derek, the guy collecting the shoes, started explaining to Reese why they would want to collect peoples used shoes. He told Reese that as an example, his shoes could be given to another little boy who didn't have any. Without even a 2nd thought, my son removed his shoes and put them in the box. Jon and I along with Derek were stunned and Reese just looked like it was no big deal that now he would have to walk around the rest of the event with just socks on. Derek looked at us to make sure it was okay and I know for myself, it was beyond okay. Who am I to deny him this act of charity and service and complete selflessness. He didn't care that he just gave away his only pair of tennis shoes. All he knew was that another little boy was now going to be able to run and play in these shoes.

Later that day after Jon took Reese to pick out a new pair, we were talking a little about it and I was telling him how proud I was and what a blessing he is to another kid in this world. And Reese said "maybe someone was praying for the shoes." Yes- maybe they were.

I am just so glad that he was able to experience this. And that it was his decision. Because he was able exercize his free will to do good and what more could I ever want?

I sure love this special boy of mine!!


Kris said...

The things these kids can teach us-what an angel! This post brought tears to my eyes. (And what a good Mama you are for LETTING him give away his only pair of shoes on the spot.)

Amanda said...

what an amazing little boy you have shannon! it helps he has some amazing examples to learn from!
love yall!