Monday, September 20, 2010

Sat Sept 11th

Our day of remembrance is definately one to remember. Just not in the way I have for the last yrs.
Sept 11th this year I accomplished another feat. I "practised" a 1/2 marathon. Meaning I went 13.1miles that day starting at 5am! It was tough- I'm not going to lie. Kristy had been doing a fitness bootcamp that week and was super sore and I just hate early mornings and it was soo muggy.... which made it for a miserable morning. But with a lot of moaning and whining, we finished! That last mile was truely brutal!!! And my hands looked like Feona from Shrek!

To reward ourselves (okay it was already planned but a reward non the less), we spent the rest of the afternoon and into the evening on Kristys dads boat. We started at the regular boat dock and cruised into downtown where they parked for the night to watch the Titans game the next day. Such a perfect day! One gal got quite a bit WASTED and that was annoying and entertaining and we all had a great time! Kids got to swim for a few minutes as soon as we docked before the rain came tumbling down.
Here's a few pics from the day...

Rielly, Rob (Kristys hubby), Reese, me and one of their friends kids
And our captain for the day...

Reese decided to take Terrys (Kristys mom) camera

And Terry takes some great pics! Rielly loves her!

My gooberette

And Goober

Kids were just bribed with $1.00 to smile. Apparently Jon missed the memo

Kristy and I hanging on the boat

On the way back to our parking garage, we walked a bit downtown and played the tourist role!

The beautiful view cruising into downtown Nashville!

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