Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Rooder Roo!

6 yrs ago, a dream came true. My beautiful little daughter Rielly Erin was born! She changed the lives of 3 people forever that day and continues to do so with others now.

Besides being my baby, I love this girl because:

she is kind hearted
wants everyone to be happy- can't stand a frown
not a girly girl at all
loves Jesus
very giving
Very opinionated
Doesn't put up with anyones crap
and out of anyone in the world, she chose us to be her parents!

We are the lucky ones!
Happy Birthday Rielly!

Good grief... my roots!!!!
Perfect in everyway!!!

She truely is the girl of our dreams!


Kris said...

6????? She looks so grown up in that picture- definitely a big 6 year old.

Happy Birthday, pretty girl!

Kenningtons said...

Gorgeous girl!!! I can't believe she's 6!