Friday, December 17, 2010

Let it snow Let it snow Let it snow

It definately was beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Nashville on Sunday!!!


We've been having quite some crazy cold temps lately but Sunday was nutty! Saturday it had rained so Sunday got so cold that it started freezing the roads. We have a tradition in our family 5yrs running now that we go to the Walk Through Bethlehem at whatever church we can find that is doing it. It's a great reinactment of how Bethlehem was the day Jesus was born. The kids love it as well!

So on our way,the truck hit a patch of black ice on a bridge on the freeway and we started swirving out of control! Back and forth several times of several lanes. All we could do is brace ourselves for the impact of hitting the barrier or even going over the bridge. Somehow though... literally by the grace of God, Jon was able to turn each time just before we hit. Miraculously, there were no cars on either sides of us which isn't normal on the freeway. We made it out of that untouched!!!!
Thank you dad- our own guardian angel!!

So we made it to Bethlehem, got our Jesus on and went straight home safe and sound when the snow started! And it kept falling. The thing about snow here is that after it falls, it's doesn't take long for that beautiful white fluff to turn into ICE!!!
And that's why there's so many accidents here during that time.. and we almost became one of those!

Poor Jon though that night tried to venture out to get us some dinner not realizing just how bad the roads are. And ended up having to leave the van at the bottom of a hill and walk home:( It was a rough day for our west coast family! But the kids love the snow and they enjoyed the freezing temps!!!

A row of cars stuck at the bottom of the hill...

Walking up the hill from checking out the car

Our back yard before the kids got to it


Life as a Convert (Khourt) said...

Love that you still got your Jesus on! We did a drive through live nativity. Loved it!!!

Kris said...

Yeah, I think you need to come back home. On the first day of winter on Tuesday we're scheduled to be at 75 degrees. Not exactly Christmassy, but gorgeous weather for the kids to actually get to use the new bikes Santa's bringin'.

Eat your heart out, snow-bound friends!