Friday, December 24, 2010

What a PITA!!!!!!!!!

So I had this bright idea this year of buying the kids a trampoline for Christmas. Figured this is just what they need to keep them outside and busy! So I found a big ol one on Craigslist for about 1/2 of what it is new.. granted it has been used but in great condition. So Jon picked it up and it sat in our garage for a month or two.
Since tomorrow is supposed to be snowy and cold, we gave it to the kids early and started setting it up today. Did I mention that it's HUGE?!?!?! Oh and that we don't have a huge flat spot in our backyard for said HUGE trampoline?
AND no instructions...... joke is on me!
So we stared setting it up. And and had to take it apart. And set it back up. And then realized we put the net on the wrong spot. Okay we can deal with that. Then we put the enclosure poles in the wrong place. Not taking it down again so we had to deal with that too. 5 freaking long cold hours later, we have a trampoline. It's not level but we will deal with that. And the enclosure isn't tied where it should be but it's tied. And it is jumpable. Man I hope the rest of Christmas goes smoother!!!


Kris said...

Remember when we were kids & trampolines had giant, uncovered springs that pinched your skin when you fell onto them? And no way was there any sort of net to protect you from flying 15 feet out onto the grass when your dumb brother bounced you too high.

It's a miracle no one was ever killed on our family's giant tramp.

But our kids won't ever have cool scars like us. What a shame! :)

Christy Jett said...

Now you have to check it off your dream list! Fun - hope you guys enjoy and stay safe :)