Friday, December 17, 2010

Merry Christmas to mommy!!!!!

Best Christmas present ever began last night and will continue through next week...
Yesterday was opening night of the Garth Brooks shows here in Nashville. I posted on my facebook how Garth and I are in the same town and I can just feel it and only 5more days until we're under the same roof!
5 minutes later I get a message from my friend Teagan asking if I wanted to be under the same roof TONIGHT!!!
SHUT UP!!!!!!!
She had an extra ticket and so how could I deny that?????
Awful seats but come on... I would stand outside behind the door in 20degrees just to be able to hear him so nosebleeds were nothing!
Holy cow people... talk about a dream come true! He sang all his old songs that I grew up to and love so so so so much! I sang the whole time!!!!!!
He's older and chunkier and balder and just as beautiful!! And his voice is timeless!

And what's better? Jon, Kristy, Rob and myself get to go on Tuesday with even closer seats and if that's not enough, I have a single ticket for myself to go on Wednesday!!!

Stay tuned for more....... It's a festivus miracle brought to ME by Garth Brooks!!!


Life as a Convert (Khourt) said...

How awesome is that!!!!!

Great nails BTW!

Kris said...

You crack me up, girlie! I think one of Garth's concerts would be totally amazing- he puts on such a show! Have fun with the 2 shows you have left.

manda carol said...

Shannon you're hilarious! You're the only person I know who loves Garth enough to go to his concert not once not twice but THREE times. That's devotion. :)