Sunday, February 27, 2011

My baby is 8!!!

Okay so I'm a little late on this but still....
Reese is 8!!!!

He turned 8 on Feb 11th.
I still remember the day he was born. A day so full of excitement and anticipation. The day we became parents! Of course his birth wasn't ideal (emergency c-section) but he came perfect and round and cuddly!

Reese is a bright little guy. Started showing his independance at a very young age and I think we take that for granted and tend to forget he's still a little guy.
He's an excellent reader- that started very early on too. And he gets very high marks in school. But he is ALL boy! To balance out his intellegence, he has to be a goof ball. Heaven forbid people think he's quiet! Always has to be the clown. If he can make one person laugh, it eggs him on until people either want to pound him or they're all on the floor rolling.
He has a good heart. I think he just doesn't like to show it too often. But as his mama, I see it!
He's incredible talented. He's always had an ear for music and since he started taking piano lessons, that's only intensified! He has a great ear!!

We sure love our little guy!

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