Thursday, February 3, 2011

Who are you?!?!?

No really... I want to know!!!

Why should you leave a comment on my blog? Well because I really like to read them for one...when I get that email telling me someone left a comment rather than a penile enhancement spam or a 0% joining fee this week (and every stinking other week)at weigh watchers email, I get warm fuzzies inside and it makes me want to write more crap about my personal life!
Since I can't tell you my news in person, I am interested in who knows what's going on and giving me feedback so I can go back and take that into consideraton! And in a yr or two when you don't like me anymore, I can go back and remember when... *sigh*..
And mainly darn it, I want to know who pays enough attention to take a few moments out of their lives to nose into mine!!

So if you're reading this, please please PLEASE comment on here so I know who you are! And if you have a blog that I don't have listed on mine, tell me and I'll stalk you back!


Cori said...

I blog stalk you all the time! :) You make me laugh and cry, and it's good to keep up on your family. I feel the same way about comments on my blog... wondering if anyone out there is really reading it.

Cori said...

P.S. In a few years I'm still gonna like you, so I guess you are stuck with me!

Kris said...

Now wait a minute! I comment on almost every single one of your posts! But then, I guess you aren't talking to me, huh? Cuz I'm awesome like that. :)

And hey- in 2 years I'll still luv you & you'll still luv me. Maybe in 2 years we'll live next door to one another! Although that would require you moving back West, because it's too flippin' cold where you live!

Luv ya!

Life as a Convert (Khourt) said...

Im me!!! Khourt from PO... Ive been a long time stalker of your blog. I try to comment every time I read a persons blog. I hate lurking in the shadows. And as a blogger myself I know how fun it is to get comments.

Amanda said...

i am amanda! :) & i definitely stalk you!

Christine said...

It's me! I'm reading! :)

Chad and Laura said...

I'm the cousin-in-law you've never met. Yes, I have a blog. Have you seen it?? I really don't know??

Kenningtons said...

Me me me!!! I love to read your blog and love updates. I was just wondering today how your sweet Riley is doing and how everything is going for you too. So keep the updates coming because I'm certainly checking!

tenney_fam said...

I'm stalking you Shannon! I love reading your blog cuz you are always doing something so fun! What an awesome life you have. It's great!!:)

Christy Jett said...

It's ME - Christy Jett :)

So good to see your fabulous self on Sunday. You are looking fantastic!! I am so mad I didn't put two and two together about your text and Chili's (grrr...I'm a dummmy!).

I am a loyal reader of your blog. I love hearing about your wonderful family and about you. You are so sincere and full of life. I LOVE it!

I'm not sure if you follow my blog - I'm not very good at keeping up with it but I try. Here it is just in case you want to catch up on my little ones.

Lots of Hugs,

manda carol said...

This is Manda (Lines). I love reading your blog (and other peoples from "home") because it makes me less homesick. I like thinking that no matter where people live once you "grow up" if you're raised in a small town you still have that history together. Plus you're always doing so much that I want to live vicariously through you. =)