Thursday, August 14, 2008

Car woes and a silly girl

So Wednesday as Jon was leaving for work, his car died. More like yelled at him first and then died. Looks as though his transmission went out. So we had to push it to it's temporary resting place.. the front of my house. So Jon took the van to work the last 2 days and I have been home without a car. Rather than crying about it, I'm trying to look at the positives. Well.. not so much positives as reasons why we're okay. We still have a reliable vehicle. Had this have happened 10months ago, that would not have been the case. We paid off our credit cards so we are able to put the transmission on a card without adding to anymore debt (since unfortunately we don't have a ton of money hanging around waiting for this). And even the little things... like we decided to have Reese ride the bus to school rather than taking him. So I just have to walk him to the bus stop. I don't have that added concern on getting him to school to worry about. And we live behind Walmart- so we're able to walk there if something comes up that we can't wait on. And I have good friends that won't leave me stranded and have offered rides to help me out. I am SO grateful for that. AND another blessing is that Jon is able to work from home next week while we're waiting to fix the car. But even with all that, it still sucks! Oh well. It'll all work out......right?

And a cute little thing experience today.. Rielly and I decided to take a walk to WalMart. I tell you- she is such an imaginative little girl. Everything is her friend. So as we're walking, she starting picking up her rock friends. And she kept grabbing more and more saying she wanted to give them a new home.. our home. So we make it to WalMart (very slowly) and I have her make them wait outside for us. Of course on the way out of the store, she finds another big rock to add to her collection. So now we're walking home with me carrying 2 bags of stuff and her with her arms loaded with rocks. And then of course she sees "flowers". Needless to say, our 15minute walk turned into more like 45minutes. But it was very enjoyable. She loves to tell me stories and talk to her rock friends and just enjoy herself like every 3yr old kid should-- and she did just that the whole way home. She can be a handful but times like today makes me realize how blessed I am to be around her innocence and sweet spirit everyday!

Rielly and her big rocks.

What pretty flowers!! You can see she's holding also a handful of rocks in each hand as well. According to Rielly.. "no flower left behind".


Vanessa said...

I'm glad you decided to "count your blessings" instead of pout like me. *grin* And your right, it will all work out in the end.

I love the story of Rielly with her rocks and flowers. That must have been a special time to share for both of you.

Rebecca said...

Things always have a way of working out. Let me know if you need anything.

Kris said...

I can totally relate! For the last 2 years, my husband has driven the car to work & left me at home with his big diesel truck & no carseats. Oh, the agony! But luckily, like you, I could look on the bright side & think of all of the money I wasn't spending because I never left home! Aahh, priorities, right? (I am ecstatic that he now has a little car to drive & I have some freedom. Somehow, I still don't leave home that often. Hmmmm...?)

Cait said...

Welcome to the world of having one car! I either have to drive Jeremy to work or be stranded at stinks! The only good thing about this is lower car insurance. =)

Shannon Harris said...
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