Sunday, August 17, 2008

The rectangle box

So Reese and I were chatting today and he started asking some interesting questions. He asked me if daddy was going to die. I told him someday everyone will die and we'll be together in heaven. Our conversation went like this:

R: how many people can fit into the box?
Me: what box?
R: the rectangle box that looks like a bed
Me: How do you know about the box?
R: I know everything
Me: Have you seen one before?
R: Yes remember papa was in a box before he went to heaven.
Me: Papa was already in heaven when he was in the box.. his body was sleeping
R: Where does our bodies go when we die?
Me: Our spirits move on but our bodies stay on earth. Remember papas body was sick and couldn't keep up with his spirit
R: If I get sick will I die?
Me: If you get sick, I will take care of you
R: What if you die?
Me: Then I'll wait for you in heaven
R: But daddies going to die
Me: why?
R: because he's getting old

And that was that. He was barely 3 when he saw papa in the "rectangle box" and it amazes me that he still remembers that. He cracked me up with thinking that because Jon is getting older, it means he's going to die. I sure hope Jon sticks around for many many more old years.

Rielly the other day told me she saw papa at Kroger. And she was barely 1 when he passed but through pictures she knows who he is. I believe these children are so pure and innocent that they are able to see and know things that we don't.


Vanessa said...

I completely believe this! When Keilana was smaller, I would hear her in the middle of the night laughing and jabbering before she was able to talk. As she got older, I would hear her talking and could understand few things she said. It was crazy because I would wake up to her laughing and talking to no one..or was there someone there? We never know. The next morning I would ask her who she was talking to and she would NEVER saying anything about it. She hasn't done it in a while, maybe because she is getting older and her language skills have developed as before, she couldn't communicate anything to me.

Kenningtons said...

I agree!! Little ones are still so close to heaven! Interesting that Reece is already so curious about the rectangle box. I think it is fascinating what children pick up on!!

Khourt said...

Kaia and I had a conversation very similar a few months ago.. It was his Papas birthday (My mothers boyfriend) and we were talking about age and whatnot. He started asking me if he was going to die because he was getting old. I guess to him that 40s is REALLY old.

Rebecca said...

How sweet. You wonder what is in those little minds.

Jill said...

That was so sweet. Kids are to smart sometimes. I cringe when they ask questions that you dont know if you want them to know the answer to yet, or you're too scared to tell them.

Jill said...

Oh and ya my mom totally looks like grandma, but dont ever tell her that!! But you're Reese, totally reminds me of a little Jeremy!!