Monday, August 4, 2008

Hilton Head **lots of pics!!!**

The ride there was nice... about 5hrs but then we had to stop for potty and food and stuff. But it was a pretty drive. I hate bridges though. And of course going onto an island means crossing a bridge! In fact I'm so terrified of bridges that I joked about just cancelling the trip.. well half joked anyways. But we survived. We found out yeah it's not as the pictures show it to be. Never again will we priceline a hotel in an area we don't know anything about!!! Junky! They gave us our room on the 3rd floor so we lug everything up there to find it's a very much smoking room. It was awful! So I called the front desk and told them we requested non smoking and they didn't want to help at all--said there was no rooms left (umm in this hotel? yeah right!)! So I asked to speak to the manager cuz I was real annoyed and told her we requested a non smoking room and we have 2 small children and can't stay here. Low and behold.. a room magically opened up. So we got to our room.. rather than a smoke smell, it was a mildew smell! Ugggg but whatever. We went to go swimming and I kid you not- everyone in and out of the pool was drinking! And then people started smoking. So we let the kids play but after awhile it wasn't pleasant so we got changes and went and walked on a beautiful beach and then to dinner. Not the best start of a vacation but it had potential:) The next day was wonderful! After breakfast we got in our bathing suits and went to the beach. It was practically empty and beautiful! The kids loved it and we had a blast playing with them. The sand was absolutely white and the water was perfect. It was just a very nice time. After getting sand out of every possible place, we decided to check out a interactive childrens museum. Besides the fact it was expensive, there was nothing museum about it! It was a daycare center basically that parents had to stay with their kids in. Oh well though- they enjoyed it. We found a teeny tiny mall and walked around there for a bit and let the kids play and then we decided to go bowling! Turns out we only let the kids play because it was quite costly but they had a blast! It was their first time and loved it!!!! That was worth it. After dinner, the kids were begging to go to bed! So we definately had a busy fun filled day for sure! Sunday we got up and after packing up and eating, we drove to Savannah. This was a place I always wanted to go. So we parked and walked around and found the "haunted house" tour we wanted to see. The hostess that took our money had the hairest armpits I've ever seen!!!! Ummmmm..... Anyways the tour left a lot to be desired. We were shown 3 rooms, told hardly anything about ghosts and most of the house was totally renovated anyways. So it wasn't anything special. We did get to see where a lady jumped off a balcony and killed herself. Yay. So after that, we just walked around Savannah for a bit. We of course found the Paula Deen resturaunt and got pictures. They had no openings to eat which was fine. It was just fun to see. It was a very old building that really went along with the whole Savannah atmosphere. Anyways after awhile, the kids were hungry and exhausted so we walked around a bit more and then found the car and started the 4.5hr drive home. We did have a wonderful time. It was so nice just to be together and enjoy the company. I was able to sell off a bunch of my stamps and stuff to be able to have the spending money to do it so I'm proud of myself for being able to pull off this trip. I look forward to when we have a chance to take another get away.

Super excited to be in a "hometel"

and they're out!!

the beach was beautiful!!

it got them!!

All clean!!
climbing the rock at the "museum"

They loved every minute of bowling!!!

**Savannah pics to come later in another posting**

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