Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Our week

This week has been a little nutty. Jon is working from home because the car is in the shop and I need a car to take Rielly to and from school.
And speaking of school.. I NEED to post pictures of Riellys first day on Monday. She absolutely LOVED it! So I'll write about that soon with pictures.
Reese is on his 3rd week on Kindergarten and absolutely loves it. Today was his snack day so yesterday we sat down and made graham sandwiches with graham crackers and frosting. He was SO excited about that. Hopefully it went over well. We signed him up for t-ball at the TLC church again this season and him and Jon will be able to do that together. That starts Thursday.
I have been busy busy busy with piano lessons and it's a good thing too. I actually got called today from a music studio in downtown Woodstock seeing if I have experience with 5yr old beginners. I have started many kids at that ages so while I'm not totally experienced, I enjoy it a lot. There's a little girl there that didn't hit it off with one of their piano teachers and they wanted to see if I'd be able to come in and help redeem this poor girls view of piano playing. So I have a trial lesson on Saturday and if it goes well, I may get a few lessons at the studio. Heaven knows we could use the money! Maybe just maybe I can just have them take the money I would be given and give it to another teacher so I can take some lessons myself.
Speaking of money- we got an estimate for our transmission and wow. wow wow wow... that's all I can say! But it should be fixed by Friday and then we'll be back to normal again. Just broke!
Oh and going back to the piano, I am recommiting myself to practising. There's a song I realllly want to rock at and it's tough and fast and it frustrates the heck out of me that my fingers won't move the way I want them to to play it! UGGGG. So I WILL LEARN IT!!! And I tried to play a song today that I played my junior yr of HS for some competition and I could hardly play it! What in the world? It's true what they say- you dont use it, you will loose it! I mean I never forgot the basics and how to play but the speed and precision wasn't something I learned overnight so I can't necessarily expect to be able to sit down and play that way when I haven't really pushed myself for a long time. But again.. it frustrated the heck out of me to think of where I could be if I just kept it up. So I am determined to be good.
So anyways I just wanted to jump on real fast and say hi and hopefully I'll get to uploading some of Riellys first day of school pics. Tomorrow and Thursday are looking to be insanely busy (which is good to stay out of Jons hair) but I'll find the time to sit down and post!


Vanessa said...

It's so hard to not bug the guys when they work from home! I find myself asking jon to do a few things around the house or help with the kids. He reminds me, "babe, I'm still working." So we try and take off when he's around.

Can't wait to see pictures of Reilly. And I'm glad everything is working itself out as far as the car goes.

Jill said...

Dont you love unexpected expenses. They give you such character. NOT!! Wow Rielly is in Kindergarten, Lorin starts tomorrow and I'm so nervous for her. But so excited at the same time.