Monday, August 4, 2008

Happy 7th Anniversary!

7 yrs ago, our family began. Jon and I were sealed in the Mesa AZ LDS temple for time and ALL eternity on a very hot August afternoon. Funny thing though- we had only been together for about 5 months by that time. But we knew then as we know more so now that we were meant to be together and we started our lives together the way we had always hoped and dreamed we would. And here we are 7yrs later with 2 beautiful children and happier than we ever though possible. We've grown together- in life, in love, in the belly....:) And we will only continue to grow (hopefully not the belly part..ugggg). I'm excited to see what life has in store for us because 7yrs is nothing compared to how long we will be together (poor guy).

I love you honey! Happy Anniversary!


Kris said...

Happy Anniversary!

Jon said...

I love you too baby. Happy Anniversary!