Friday, May 22, 2009

Even our toes need some TLC!

Last Friday ended up quite a fun pamper ourselves kinda day!!! I am a sucker for a pedicure but I just never can get them as often as I wanted. So my friend Cheryl had her birthday and she's not too big on pampering herself so I figured I should splurge and take her for her first ever pedi! My good friend Ellen also joined us for the relaxing morning!!

Name that foot... well OBVIOUSLY mine are the rediculously PINK toes!!!
That night my friend Brenda and I with her neighbor Shelba and all our little girls went to get their toes painted. What a perfect way to start the summer!!

Rielly was very funny about it. She loves being spoiled and of course she HAD to have her toes match mamas so the first thing she did was pick out the brightest pink she could find!

The boys also had a guys night while we went out and had a great time hanging out together. I think we need to have these special times more often!


Kenningtons said...

What a great idea! You are right, a pedicure is a great way to kick off the summer. I don't get pedicures (I've had two...) because my feet are so gnarly I feel bad for the person working on them! Your toes are so cute. I love the hot pink and the little flower. And I LOVE that Rielly wants to be just like Mama!!! What an angel!

Kris said...

That looks so fun!!!!! I'm totally going to take Emma to get some color this week.

We're also going to have a Pinkalicious party in a couple of weeks. Emma is about dying with anticipation. Thanks for posting that awesome idea!