Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Think.. PINK!

A wonderful new family just moved in to our ward and we became fast friends!! So Rielly and I were thrilled when she invited us over today for a pink party-- based off a book called Pinkalicious where a girl ate too many pink cupcakes, she turned pink!

Meredith made pink cupcakes and the girls (Rielly and Lily with the help of Katies little fingers) decorated with them pink frosting and pink sprinkles. They also drank pink lemonade and ate pink whoppers! And there were pink suckers and other candy we couldn't keep track of:) It's a wonder how these girls aren't pink themselves with all the stuff they were munching on!!!

Lily, Rielly and I getting ready to pour (and I mean POUR) on the watermelon sprinkles

The girls getting ready to enjoy the fruits of their labors... and they sure enjoyed them- although this is anything BUT fruit!!

Do these not look fabulous?!?!? Good job girls!!!
This little girl is already so YUMMY.. throw in an empty bottle covered in frosting and she is irresistable!The aftermath... they had so much fun there was no complaining from the moms having to clean this up!
Thanks Meredith for having us over!!!


Meredith said...

It was my pleasure! So what's next?!

Bryan & Sarah said...

Oh how fun! I LOVE that book. You need to read her other one Purplicious! Its way cute too!

Kenningtons said...

How fun!!!! This really is a clever idea. I am so excited (but don't want to rush it) for the day KG and I can do girly things like this. I'm so happy you have a new friend in the ward. I'm sure she is equally happy to have you as a friend!!!

Kris said...

Wow! That is such a great idea! Pinkalicious happens to be Emma's favorite book- maybe I'll have to have a pink party for her this summer just because.

Kayleen, Isaac, & Dylan said...

That is so cute! I hope that one day I can do fun little girly things!