Thursday, May 28, 2009

Preschool No More!

Such a sad time.. looks like our times at TLC Preschool have come to an end. When we first moved to Georgia, I decided Reese needed some interaction with other kids so I randomly called preschools in the area and came across TLC.. they had an opening and I grabbed it right away. It was one of the best things I could have done! He loved it, I loved it, they loved him.. it was perfect! So of course when it was time for Rielly to go to preschool, there was just no other option but to send her to TLC as well. Never once was I dissapointed! She has just thrived there. And the teachers and staff... man I just can't say enough about them! There's just something special about your childrens very first teachers. I entrusted them to the care of my baby 3 days a week. They're the first people to expose her to school and education other than us and Dora the Explorer. So when it was time for her to leave, it was a bit emotional. But here's some pictures of her last few days of school:)

Getting ready for Preschool "Fun Day".

Our of everything she could have gotten painted on her face, she picked the WalMart happy face! Silly girl

Rielly and the fabulous Miss Kelly!

There was a boy at the school named Reese so Rielly called him "school Reese" and he called her "the Rielly with curly hair".
Rielly ready for her last day of school. Can you believe that hair?!?!?
Getting her diploma. She was named "More Artistic". She draws and draws and draws.. on anything and everything!!
This is her other teacher Miss June (pronounced Ju-nay)
This is the school "principal" or whatever you call it.. Miss Shelly.
Abbie, Amelia and Rielly.. 2 of her little girlfriends from the school.
Goodbye TLC!
**bonus** We LOVE Chick-fil-a!!!

If anyone is ever looking for a preschool in the Woodstock/Towne Lake area, I highly recomment TLC Church!!!

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