Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kick Out Cancer

At Boston Elementary, they had their first ever mini Relay for Life.. it was absolutely adorable! The kids were told about how they can help cure this horrible disease- by raising money and then walking for awareness. I was fortunate to be able to witness these little kids walking (okay some were running) in the heat in support to finding a cure.

Before the event, Reese was asking questions like how can walking help kick out cancer and why they need money, etc. I explained to him that his papa died from complications with cancer and so he is walking in his papas honor and how helping kick out cancer, it can help a lot of other families not have to go through the saddness of loosing a loved one.

The first lap, the kids all held up a sign and walked in silence in remembrance of all those lives lost from cancer.

And then the race was on!!! The kids just walked.. and walked... and walked.... and I had to be fast enough to keep track of all the kids in his class and how many laps they ran.
Reese was very sad because their class didn't win the prize of the most laps but I was still pretty darn proud of him!!

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