Sunday, August 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Old Man!

Today is my handsome husbands 31st birthday!!!
We didn't do anything too exciting- he did get a DQ ice cream cake in his favorite blizzard flavor, a haircut (at crappy Mastercuts.. NEVER go there!), and dinner at yummmo Olive Garden! Oh and don't forget the cruise back in June and a little somethin somethin later;)

Happy Birthday baby! We love you!!!
Birthday Boy (AFTER much needed haircuts for both boys)

Jon with the kids (before said needed haircuts)

Me and my baby!


Meredith said...

Happy Birthday Jon! It sounds like you guys had a great evening :)

Khourt said...

I saw that on FB. Happy late birthday to him!

Kenningtons said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JON!!! Shan, I know this post is about Jon but you look positively radiant and gorgeous!!! You really look so happy! Back to Jon: I had a mastercuts mishap of my own (as in my roommate and I ended up cutting the long strands that were left behind!) but your hair looks very nice and not at all like a bad haircut. All the same, I also do not give high marks to mastercuts!