Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Here's some news..

Whats more exciting that New Moon coming in less than 90days? Well nothing so I'll throw this out at ya anyways.

Not sure if this is real common knowledge or what but this is my blog and well pretty much I can write whatever the heck I want to right?

My moms is getting married.

Yes you read that right... the mother has become the daughter and she is getting hitched. To a fella named Hal Palmer from Morenci. Haven't met him and won't til the wedding. But she's smitten. Hence the roll reversal. You know that giddy heart palpatation stuff? Yeah me either but I guess shes got it.

I don't know when or where or pretty much anything else for that matter except that it's happening. But I hope to find out soon since plane tickets aren't cheap and we live quite aways away w/kids in school, etc.
So I reckon congrats are in order. And congrats to you my Az friends that may get to see me when I come down. hahaha jk! Well not really jk but my head isn't really that big. Okay well technically I do have a big head. Alright I'll stop now:)

My mom and Hal-- I'm pretty sure he smiles in person.


Kris said...

Yea for your mom! She's such a great lady, she deserves this.

You HAVE to e-mail me & let me know when you're coming. I demand that we get together!

Kenningtons said...

Congrats to your mom!!! What an exciting time for her! This must be quite an adjustment for your family. I wish I could be there to get to see you when you go back.... *sniff*!