Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Riellys back in school too!!!!

So Rielly just started school yesterday! If we had stayed in GA, she would have been going to a pre-k program which has her going all day every day.. which sadly to say I was pretty excited for. Since we moved, all that changed so we had to adapt. And so we were referred to a moms day out program which is only 2 days a week from 9:30-2. But thats 2 days she has interaction with other kids and can just have fun. And the price was just right! Thank goodness we got in! Since we were new, the lady took pity on us! So here's some pics of Rielly on her first day of school! Oh and SHE LOVED IT!!!!

Outside out apartment.. she is ready to go!!!
At school-- she HAD to have this log in the picture so she moved it herself.

Okay Im a bit partial but this is one cute kid!!

The monkey theme seems quite appropriate for her!!

This is one of her teachers Ms Mariam (or Marion or something like that). Whatever it is, she's very nice!


Kris said...

Oh, that hair! I'm sorry to say that I totally covet that hair. She's so beautiful!

Kenningtons said...

She really is too stinkin' cute! I'm glad she had such a good time at school.