Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Book recommendation

I wanted to share my latest book obsession. Jon doesn't share my enthusiasm but he's just missing out! I guess I can understand it though- not too many guys want to get caught reading a book where the cover it a picture of 2 hands holding an apple.

That's right ladies.. I am talking about Twilight and the beautiful Edward Cullen!!!

I've been hearing about this book series by Stephenie Meyer about vampires and blew it off for a long time. But I saw the first book Twilight at Kroger one day and figured why not. And can I just tell you... I'm hooked!!!!! Stephenie Meyer is a LDS author however this is definately not a typical LDS series of books but it is so tastefully written and great for kids of all ages (okay well maybe teenagers+). It's a definate love story but not your regular boy meets girl, boy gets girl kind of love story. The girl falls in love with a vampire and the books talk about the danger she endures and everything she would give up to be with him. I've read all 3 in a little over a week and can't wait for the 4th one to come out in August!!

And every person reading these books have fallen in love with Edward Cullen... and of course the most perfect man ever has to be a fictional character- and a vampire at that!!!

So check out the books- read and enjoy! I would love to hear your reviews on them!

And to excite the twilight fans even more, the movie will be out at the end of the yr!!!!

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Mama Quan said...

Okay, totally cute blog. I don't think you can be my friend anymore unless you show me how to make one of those signs that says Quan Family instead! Creative people aggravate me! =) Thanks for the blog update.