Sunday, April 20, 2008

A nice Sunday morning

This morning I had a nice wakeup super early from Reese who had a sad dream. He dreamed that daddy left us and never said goodbye and he woke up crying. Poor kid!! So he came and layed with me for awhile. That is the best feeling.. just to lay in bed and snuggle with my little guy. He's very affectionate when he wants to be so he'll roll over and say "I just love you mommy". It melts my heart! Then not too much later, Rielly climbs into bed and Reese tells her "You're my best friend Rielly". So me and the kids got to lay down and just cuddle before the chaos of Sunday morning starts. And it is usually chaos with Jon gone to mtgs and me trying to get the kids and myself ready to be at church by 8:30.
Rielly gave her very first talk today in primary. She spoke about President Monson and what he teaches her. She is very proud of herself and letting everyone know that she talked today. In the car driving home tonight from a baptism, she told us President Monson is her best friend and that he reads to her when she's in bed at night. Huh... good to know. She's a funny kid and once she starts talking, she doesn't stop. She can cover 20 different topics in 5minutes without taking a break. We just laugh!
They sure bring joy and humor and insanity into our lives. Oh not to mention messes!!! Our house is a tornado right now!

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