Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Welcome to my blog!

Finally.. a blog just about my family! So if you're reading this, most likely you know us and are checking if for an update.

Not much to update right now. Reese is now 5 and smart as a whip! He loves to play XBOX360 with daddy and V-Smile on his own. He's going to be in Kindergarten in August and is very excited about it! I can't believe he's already going to school. It's kind of bitter sweet.... I'm not ready to have my baby enter the "real world".. lol. This is the beginning to his life- so much responsibility! I don't envy him but I am so excited and proud of him!

Rielly is 3... and forget those terrible 2's... those were terrific compared to the 3's! She's very opinionated and sarcastic and moody and simple fabulous! She has such a fun personality that goes with her fantastic head of curls! She fights with her brother like no ones business! She's starting pre-school in August at the TLC Church- same place we sent Reese and she couldn't be more thrilled. Mommy either!

Jon is still working at Imerys and they keep him plenty stressed and busy. But needless to say, he definately has job security! He's also the ward mission leader in our ward and is great! Now if only they would give him a little help!

As for me, I'm still teaching piano lessons and staying busy with the kiddos. I'm also the primary pianist at church and I'm enjoying watching the kids every Sunday in primary although it was an adjustment at first.

So that's the jist for now of our business. Check back soon!

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