Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Visit from family

A few weeks ago, we had a very nice visit from grammy (my mom) and Aunt Amber (my sister) and her baby Madison.
I posted about the visit on my other blog so I'll just copy it over to here:

***Our weekend (post from March 17th)

My mom has been in town all week and it's been a lovely visit. My sister is here also with her little baby Madison. It's been fun having a baby in the house again. My friend sent us tickets to the world of coke in downtown Atlanta so we took Reese out of school and Jon took the day off and we went on Friday. It was pretty cool- except we got lost in downtown which if anyone has been to Atlanta, it's not all pretty. Very compact and congested and kinda run down. So we made it out of there around 4. Apparently that exact area just a few hrs later, a tornado hit and did some good damage. Thank goodness we didn't stay longer OR decide to go on Saturday.
Then Saturday as ya'll know if you watch the news, we had some pretty crazy storms going on. All the sudden on the tv, we got an announcement that a tornado warning is going on in our area. Right after that, the tornado sirens started going off and an announcement on the news said to get to cover ASAP. That was kinda scary and exciting so we all went down to the tv room in the basement since there's no windows in there. Thank goodness it didn't last long.. don't like small places with many people. The storm blew over and a few hrs later, no one would have ever known there was a tornado watch.
We went shopping that evening.. just me and my mom and sister and baby. That was fun although I spent too much on a bra but boy what a difference a good bra makes!!! I'll never have big boobs but with this bra, I sure can pretend!
Yesterday mom and I did a piano duet in sacrament mtg and it was great. It actually sounded like i play good (because my mom really does).***

Anyways back to the present. It was a fun weekend and Amber just sent some pictures so I wanted to post those on here.

Me and Amber with our little girls.

My family at the Coke factory

More Coke Factory

Me and Miss Madison

Different pics of my family and the baby. Enjoy!

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