Friday, April 18, 2008

Kindergarten Registration

Well it's official. Reese is all set for kindergarten. Last night I took him down to get him signed up, he took a test and that was that. Now to just get myself mentally prepared to send him off to school where he will be going for the next 13yrs!!! What a scary and sad thing. I have awful memories of school and I just hope that he has a better education experience than I did. Kids are so darn mean and sadly I was one of the kids that was picked on all the time. Very few people defended me and I didn't have many friends. I sure hope it's different for him- I hope he sticks up for people rather than torture them. And I really hope he stands up for himself like I never did. Look at me getting all ahead of myself. I just hope he has fun and enjoys the simplicity of kindergarten before he has to move up and the real pressure begins... lol seems funny that 1st grade is pressure but these kids have a lot of weight on their shoulders. A lot more than I did anyways! I never had to take a foreign language or take drivers ed. All that type of stuff was optional where now it's a requirement. So maybe kids will be too busy to judge other kids (yeah right I know).

In other news.. yard sale season has begun! YAYAYAYAYAY!!! My weekends will be busy for a few weeks. Here they have awesome neighborhood sales and great bargains to be had. Of course I end up buying things that I don't need and off to ebay they go. But that's the fun of it. Plus I could use to make a little extra money since Jon lost a lot of overtime and things won't be as comfortable as they have been. So it's time to do my part and enjoy myself at the same time.

Happy Friday everyone!!!!!

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