Wednesday, April 30, 2008

They're outta here!!!

Since we live in Georgia, we obviously are surrounded by TREES!!! Our front yard is no exception. Unfortunately though for us, the person that landscaped this yard yrs ago planted the bushes TOO close to the house. And well we have niglected them in the almost 2yrs we've lived here. So they are out of control!! We decided to get some quotes and use our government stimulus check to do some yard improvements.

This tree is a chinese something or other and it is right in the front of our yard and they will be coming in and trimming the branches and lifting it a little so it's not covering everything in the yard.

This bush thing is kinda funny.... you can see a small one right next to it. The small one is our neighbors and the exact same bush as the big overgrown one that is ours..... they're supposed to look the same. As you can see, the neighbors are diligent at trimming and we are not! So they're gonna come in and trim the darn thing down!

This bush right in front of my craft room is OUT OF CONTROL!!!!! It's not supposed to even go up to the window let alone cover the darn thing. So they will be taking the whole thing out! Sunlight will once again come into my dungeon!

These last 2 pics are of the 2 large trees on each side of the house and they are also going to be removed. You can see how tall the one is right next to above bush. It's hitting the top of the house and who knows how big it's gonna get. The other one is well on it's way as well. So when all is said and done, the front of our home is going to be quite naked! So we definately will be looking for suggestions on what to put in their place.

How much is all this gonna cost you may ask??? OIY!!! $800!!!!!! Yowsers!!!! But it needs to be done because eventually the ones touching the house could cause mold and foundation issues. $800 isn't sounding so bad now is it!
So hopefully we'll be getting this make-over soon and I can show the new and exciting and bare Harris front yard!!

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jc said...

Come on give Jon some sheers and save the $800.00!! JK But be happy you have trees, The one tiny stick we have in our front yard hasnt gotten its blossoms on it yet so we're afraid its gonna have to go :(