Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I am grateful-- Tuesday

Today I'm grateful for text messaging. Such a simple thing but it keeps me in contact with so many people! And I'm getting good and fast at it! Without texting, I'd never get to just check in and say hi to the lovely Sarah in Utah or check on Kristas baby... or find out about updates with family members in Az or even "talk" to my girls here in Ga! (you'd be amazed at some of the crazy stuff that goes through the mobile lines..)
Sure I can pick up the phone and call but those that know me KNOW I won't do that. So text messaging-- here's to you and your unlimitedness!
If you text, send me a message and we'll because TFF (texting friends forever..lol).
PS-- sorry I won't be able to do this daily:(


Kenningtons said...

Too funny!! I barely learned how to send a text message last year because I was forced to (the mobile plans in Singapore are quite a bit different and actually encourage texting over talking). I'm still not in love with it but I really do like it for the same reasons you just said. I like the idea of the gratitude posts!!!

Vanessa said...

You freakin crack me up, girl! Jon commented the other day, as he was making fun of me for texting you, how fast your are at texting. Sad but awesome! I aspire to be like you in texting. =)