Tuesday, September 9, 2008

We're still here!

Hey all!

I haven't posted in a bit but it wasn't for lack of wanting. I feel like I have just been going here there and everywhere lately. But it's not as bad as I think. My evenings just are super busy. I now have 13 piano lessons and 6 of them I do outside the home. So while it's not THAT many, it keeps me going:)

We had another car issue. It never ends right? Last Thursday Jon was backing out the driveway (which the driveway is pretty darn steep) and some girl was backing out across the street and as Jon was turning, she wasn't paying any attention or looking and backed right into him. Uggggg!!!! So it was her fault but still! So it smashed in the passenger side. Over 2000 to get it repaired! Man if a door is 2000, we got a smokin deal on the van! lol

School is going good with the kids. Rielly LOVES it!! And she just started ballet at the studio I teach piano at. It's so darn cute! Reese was doing tball but just informed us that he doesn't like it and never wants to go back:( So I'm looking into other stuff for him. Maybe karate.

I can't say anything exciting has been going on- just day to day stuff. I did get some vinyl and I cut out my first sayings with my cricut. I found a great deal on cricut vinyl from wherelse... EBAY!

So anyways.. hope you all are doing well!!!

Oh and for you locals, don't forget park day is Thursday 11:30 at Biello!!! Bring your sack lunch!


Vanessa said...

Man, y'all are having some luck with cars lately. The lettering looks so cute, I might have to assign you to a project. haha.

Barrons said...

I', sorry about your car. It always is some dumb girl! Glad to hear that you are back into the swing of piano lessons. I am still trying to find a keyboard for Tristan. A family moved into our ward and the husband is a wonderful piano player. He is going to start up lessons. Tristan loves music. I am hoping to get him back into piano by January. (after soccer)

Laurice said...

That sounds like a full schedule for piano. I wish you lived close enough to give my kids lessons and give me a family discount. Lessons are so expensive here. I can barely afford lessons for 2 kids, let alone 4 when Marshall and Maddie get older.