Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm Grateful for.. Wednesday and other stuff

So I'll start off with what I'm thankful for today... would you believe it's my thumbs?!?!? When I was living in California, the first ward we were in (the now non-existant Santa Maria 4th ward), a lovely old lady, Sister Yost, stood and bore her testimony one Sunday. She was a funny gal-- always said the most random things. Well one thing that will NEVER leave my mind is how she said she was grateful for her thumbs. Now mind you, we were all shocked at this and tried SO hard not to bust out laughing and it was the brunt of our jokes for quite awhile but she was right. She said without thumbs, she wouldn't be able to button her sweater. I have to agree. That would be a very difficult task for one who has buttons on their sweaters! And think of all the things we take for granted because we have the use of our thumbs. Try picking up a cup.. or putting on earrings.. or playing the piano or even opening the microwave door. Not such an easy task to do without the use of the thumb correct? Man what about hammering something? Dangerous! And changing the channels on the remote. Oiy! Anyways ya'll get my point. Thumbs-- they make be the ugliest digit but the most used!

Now onto real life stuff. We tried Reese out with Karate tonight. He loved it. The only problem I'm facing is that the class that he should be joining meets on Monday at 4:15-5:15 but I have piano lessons at that exact time and Jon will be working so there's no way I can get him there:( So the guy put him in the next level class which is kids that have been doing it for awhile. That makes me nervous with him being brand new at this. I just hope he catches on and the other kids are patient with him.

Jon is out of town for a few days in Florida (HI DADDY). Lucky him! It's only til Friday night so no biggie. I will take these few evenings alone to finish up a baby shower gift that I'm working on. And I get to sprawl out of our super comfy bed BY MYSELF!!! But he will be missed for sure! It was so cute when Jon was telling Rielly he was leaving...
Jon "Rielly I'm going bye bye for a few days"
Rielly "Uh Oh that is bad.. I have a bad feeling about that"
Never once has she said anything like that. Makes you wonder if she's serious or what show she saw that one recently:) But as we kept talking to her, she realized it was okay that he was leaving and that she got chocolate on her shirt. You know.. real conversations and 3yr olds can only last so long.

Til next time!


Kenningtons said...

You are so right about the thumb! I have one gimp finger on each hand which makes doing certain tasks hard but not impossible like it would be without a thumb. Thanks for bringing this up! I too am grateful for my thumbs!

Barrons said...

I am thankful for Sister Yost. She bathed me and put my PJ's on while my parents were gone. Yes, she was our babysitter while I was little! She used to be in 3rd ward. Small little world. I never liked her much. Nothing personal, I didn't like anyone except my mom.

Sue Sparks said...

Yep, Sis. Yost is "one of a kind:)"
Your post brings to mind the scripture "In everything give thanks." Thess. 5:18
It's a pretty good mantra:)
Enjoy your blog!