Monday, March 23, 2009

Can I PLEASE get a serious picture... PLEASE?!?!?!

Here's my family for ya. We're not so great at being serious so you know where I get it from....

let's see... back: Ryan, mom, Cody, Jim, Chad
front: Amber, me, Misti, Peggy and Karissa
9 out of 11 kids were able to get together

This was probably the closest we got to all looking relatively okay

yeah.. nice Shans

Jim in his typical fashion

hmmm... not so much in this one. I think that's my hand shoving Mistis face

Why are we holding Chads leg?

I guess I just love my sister. Poor little Lindsey looks so enthused!

Again.. why the leg holding Chad?????

I guess it was a funny thing to do.

I love you too Cody!

of course Jim HAD to jump in!

I have no words

Me and my sisters.. Amber, Misti, Peggy and Karissa

Say whahhhhh?

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