Monday, March 23, 2009

We Are FAMILY.....

Maybe I'm a little toooo camera happy. Here's some pics from Az of me and my various family members:

Misti, me and Peggys baby Jonah
My and Cody.. he's the baby (and really not as dumb as he looks... for the most part;) )

me and my mama

James is my oldest nephew and has suddenly GROWN on me! I remember the day he was born!

Me and Amber- we seriously don't look anything alike

Holy closeup!

Grandma rocks..

Chad and I-- we've worked hard to get a pic without too much extra chin

Me and my neice Alexis

My aunt Pam-- she didn't know I jumped in this pic with her but it worked perfectly!

Lindsay and I on her baptism day!

me and my baby brothers Chad and Cody

Grandma LaRue and I again!

Another Cody and me

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Kenningtons said...

How fun that so many of your family members got together and you have so many pics to remember the celebrations!!!!! I LOVE the picture of your grandma and the sunglasses with her hand gestures. That made me laugh out loud!! So funny!!!!!