Monday, March 23, 2009

Sweet Home..... Arizona

Okay here we go. Lots of pics on here..... this is the last of the pics from my trip.

Jim has this gorgeous corvette... how can I not want to lay on it?!?!? This is as close as I get though...

Does my grandma not rock? So I got these sunglasses and the saleslady said they looked good. Well the first reaction that I got from EVERYONE was laughter.. then "are you serious"? So they became the joke and I couldn't help to get a picture of my grandma with them on and my brothers Hooters hat. The hand gestures were her idea (I taught them to her earlier).

Huh.. and you wonder where I get it from? Here is my grandma with my mom.

Another reason for the reunion was Peggy and Dwight coming down from Florida to bless their baby Jonah.

Us kids, Dwight, Jonah and mom after the baby blessing.

The whole family that was there for the blessing

My little neice Madison (Ambers little girl).

Are my brothers cute or what??? Chad and Cody are the babies of the family although they tower over us all!!

Jim and Lindsey at her baptism

4 out of my 6 brothers (and the infamous sunglasses)

TRYING to look cool!

Chad is now a cop in Phoenix. He had to bring his "junk" to show off.

Here is my oldest sister Misti, her husband Stephen and my baby brother Cody jumping in behind. We were at the Thatcher park to have a bbq for my moms 60th birthday.

Here is my Uncle Mike and Aunt Pam... it's been many a yr since I have seen them and it was a great visit! Pam shares my extreme love and obsession with handbags. How can I not love her??

Jim cooking up some yummy cheese jalapeno filled hotdogs!!!

My brother Ryan and his wife Jessica. They were wonderful to let me crash at their pad while I was in Safford.

Misti made this gorgeous quilt for my mom for her birthday. It has pictures of all 11 kids and families as well as extras of the grandkids and little messages we all gave. I helped quilt it a bit.. but well.. you'll see how well I did below!

Just another shot of my oldest brother Jim-bo

and his beautiful wife D'anne

Okay so I tried to help tie on moms quilt. However I guess I thought I was supposed to tie the quilt to the table. Little did I know! I doubt I will be asked to help out again. DARN IT

We're having a good time doing it anyways although they pretty much laughed at me the whole time.

Working fervently on the quilt

Another adorable picture of Madison.

Okay so remember the Reese's egg post? OH YEAH!!!!

So Misti made me try the McRib at McDonalds that she has talked to highly of lately.

Well..... it was good!

Here is my little nephew James- Mistis boy. He's almost 4.

And this one is Jareds- Mistis oldest. He's 6.

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Kris said...

Oh Shannon- it looks like you had so much fun! I love looking at your family photos. You can tell how much you all love each other just by looking at the pics.

Gotta say, as a quilter myself, the tie-to-the-table was HILARIOUS!! But don't worry- it truly is the thought that counts!