Friday, March 6, 2009

What's gonna work... teamwork!

So the other day Reese had a HORRIFIC dental appt (2 more crowns) and he screamed and it was just a nightmare. He's crying, I'm crying, everyones getting annoyed. Ugggggggggggg. So I let him stay home from work because I think we both were just exhausted! But staying home from school doesn't mean playing all day. Oh no. I put him to work. I've been repairing our front steps and after I fixed the actual steps, its time to paint. So I gave him a paint brush and off we went. And he did great! I realized with him, he needs instant gratification. Just like his mommy!!! And of course when you paint, right away you see the fruits of your labor- whether they be good or bad.

Hopefully by this weekend since the weather is supposed to be good, we'll be all done with our front steps! THANK GOODNESS!!!!

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Rebecca said...

Steps are looking good! Way to go.