Monday, July 27, 2009

I promise.. it really did happen!!! Ballet recital

So Rielly really did have a ballet recital. It just has taken me months to blog about it!!! Back in June, Rielly performed in her very first recital! You can see a little exerpt from it here...
She was in the evening performance. This is also the studio that I taught piano at so a few of my piano students are in it as well:)

Here's our little crooked smile ballerina! She did awesome! Oh to be a kid again and not have constant stage fright like her mama!

My 2 little cheeseballs!!! Reese was very excited to see his sister on stage!

A proud daddy!

Here is Rielly and her ballet teacher and studio owner, Neta. She is awesome-- if you were ever looking for a studio for your kids to take dance or music classes, I HIGHLY recommend The Dance and Music Academy of Woodstock.

Yeah you can tell where they get their cheesiness from!!!

All the teachers from the music studio!

Our little ballerina after the show! I do have to say Rielly got hit in the face while on the stage from another ballerina and she just kept on dancing! What a trooper!!

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