Monday, July 27, 2009

Todays Outing.. Centennial Park

Today I really wanted to get the kids out of the apartment. So after we went to get Reeses physical for school and finish getting him registered to start 1st grade in a few weeks, I decided to google fun places in Nashville. Centennial Park came up and looked pretty cool and since everything seems to be 20minutes away from us, off we went!
There's a big fun play area where we had lunch and the kids played for a little bit. There was hardly anywhere for me to sit and do nothing like I usually like to do at parks so after awhile, we went walking around...
The kids found a big fish and had to play on it. They took turns "driving"... however one would drive a huge fish.

Reese came up with this new picture pose.. funny kid. Here's the duck pond we walked around and of course they complained the whole time. Reese was too hot, Rielly got a blister...blah blah blah

The pose again... Here's the Parthenon (click for more info). It's pretty HUGE and awesome to walk around!

Another pic of the Parthenon. Wow my camera took a pretty good picture!!!

And just a picture of the trees and pond behind. We only got to see a portion of the park but there's a lot of cool statues and grass and someday when its not too hot and when Riellys has tennis shoes on, we may have to come and check it out some more!

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