Sunday, July 26, 2009

Nasa, Disney, Hollywood...OHMY (finally)

So it's about time I blogged about the rest of the our Floriday vacation wouldn't you say????

Well right after we got back from the cruise I blogged about, Peggy picked us up at the port and we went straight to the Kennedy Space Center. My brother in law works for NASA so it only seemed appropriate to check out the whole NASA gig.

Right as we got into the space center
the kids moving around the constellations (I think thats what this was..?)

A cool replica of a space shuttle

Out in the distance is the shuttle that was supposed to go up into space the next day... but of course was postponed.

The NASA building.. apparently it's pretty massivly huge!

The kids walking underneath a moon shuttle

In front of an astronauts suit
The next day, we met up with Jons dad and step-mom who flew in from Virginia to go to Disneyworld with us. This was the first time for all of us to go.. very exciting. And might I say.. VERY hot!!!

We're super excited to get this party started!!!

and of course, we HAD to see the parade and most importantly, Cinderella!!

The kids aren't enjoying the heat very much

no.. not at all!!!

But I got them to stand in front of some bell that I think is significant somehow...

Yeah we were already burnt from our cruise.. this heat didn't help tooo much

Grandpa and Grandma with Reese and Rielly in the nice cool Small World

and we HAD to go on the carousel.. which is a classic favorite of mine!

The kids enjoyed it too!

Darn.. they're not royalty. Couldn't get the sword out of the stone

Rielly in front of Cinderellas castle!

And we rode the tea cups. They always seem to make me a little queezy!

But Jon tortured us anyways by spinning and hauling some major bootay!

And then the rain came. Not the most flattering picture but just goes to show we were STILL smiling!

And right before we left, we got this cool profile picture of our family made. We just sat there and the guy cut our profiles out.

Our last Disney day, we decided to go to Hollywood Studios. The shows there were pretty cool. Definately not as fun as the Magic Kingdom but the kids enjoyed Star Wars (OF COURSE), Indiana Jones and all the other shows we got to see. Again, another VERY hot day!

Ready to brave another long day!

Can you really come here without getting a picture under the big MickeyMouse hat?!?!

Here it is again.. pretty stinkin HUGE

And we saw JoJo and Goliath right before going into the playhouse Disney show

And like I said.. we had to spend quite a bit of time around Star Wars.

That night, we also went to an Arabian Horse Show which was pretty cool-- the pictures didn't come out very well but they put you in a big stadium and while you ate, you watched them reinact a story on horses.
The trip was awesome... it was great spending time together as a couple and as a family and also being able to spend time with my sister Peggy, her husband Dwight and baby Jonah as well as Mark and Tina (grandma and grandpa).


Sue Sparks said...

Despite the heat(I DON'T do well in heat either)looks like you all had a fun time!

LOVE the pics of your kids on the sidebar!

Thanks for "following' my blog! :)

Kris said...

I am still so jealous that you got to not only have a real grown-up vacation, but that you got to go to Disney, too! Just wishing....