Friday, July 31, 2009

Special Delivery to Heaven

This yr to celebrate dads/papas birthday, I had the kids make special letters to him and then we went to Krogers and bought some balloons so we can send the messages to heaven. Boy did that start a lot of questions.. like will he get them, is there a roof in heaven, where does he sleep, where does he go bowling, is he happy, does he have fun, how did he get there etc....

It was nice to be able to discuss heaven with them. I never had anyone close to me die until I was older so I never really had a concept of where we go when we die.. I mean I knew heaven but until you know someone that has taken that trip, it's hard to grasp. So I'm glad to be able to share with my kids what I know about eternity.

Kiddos writing their letters

Rielly wrote about 20.. but this is the one she chose to send to him

Reese sent 2.. this one and another one that said "are you having fun?"

Happy Birthday Papa!!

Enjoy your gifts!!!


Kris said...

I"m totally teary now, that was beautiful. What a fantastic way to teach your kids about someone that you love so much!

Where DO you think your dad gets to go bowling?

Kenningtons said...

Cute idea! I got a good chuckle from the question "where does he go bowling?"! HA!!! Still laughing about that! Kids are so cute, aren't they?!