Sunday, July 19, 2009

We made it

Sorry all.. I have SOOOO MUCH to catch up on as far as blogging goes. I'm sitting in the clubhouse of our new apartment home (okay the apartment is actually FAR from being new) and I thought I would update quickly. We made it to Antioch, TN yesterday after spending all day Friday and the good part of the morning Saturday getting our house in Woodstock emptied cleaned. Definately not on our own though.. we had the help of a few AMAZING friends (I LOVE all of you guys!) that have supported us from the beginning. So a big shout out to the Wilhelm family and Mortimer family for getting us through all this and the other men that came out and helped us load and some of the sisters for helping us do some last minute cleaning.

Anyways- here we are. We are far from moved in!! But for the next yr, our apartment on Cedar Pointe Pkwy is now our home. We're just outside of Nashville and so close to the airport so PLEASE come visit!!!

Once we get internet set up in our apartment (one of the reasons I'm in here), I have a month or two of backstuff to post. Stay tuned!

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Kenningtons said...

So happy you made it!! I have been wondering how your move went and how you are feeling about TN. Do keep us posted!! I can't wait to read more!