Monday, July 27, 2009

Yes I am obsessed..

but I'm not alone....

For my best friend Brendas birthday, we went to a Twilight convention in Buckhead, GA a few weeks ago. Yes you read that right. Just like the trek conventions or comic book ones, they had one for Twilight! How on earth could we resist that?!?!?!
Honestly though it really wasn't as big as I thought it would be. They had a hallway set up with booth selling anything twilightish-- lotions that "smell" like twilight, posters, the book hand model, accessories (I bought a purse tag of course).... etc etc etc. They had some group called the Hillbilly Show that does parodys of Twilight and some collector was there showing off his collection of outfits worn by the characters in the movie.
Then we went into a big room, played a trivia game and listed to Kellan Lutz (no relation sadly) - the hotty who played Emmett Cullen- answer questions. We went to have lunch and found out that Brendas van was booted. Nice huh? So we went back in, watched an insane auction going on that people paid way too much for twilight stuff.. then we FINALLY went to eat lunch! We came back and listed to Ashley Greene -Alice Cullen- answer a bunch more questions. She was kinda awkward but it was still cool because come on.. she's ALICE!
So that was that.. enjoy the pics!
Yes... yes we are wearing matching shirts. A couple outfits worn by Edward and Bella-- we were supposed to pay $5 to get this pic. Opps
Outfits worn by Alice and Rosalie

More Twilight costumes

Prom dresses!!!

Charlies coat and Carlisle Cullens dr coat

the dress Bella wore to her birthday party and her birthday cake coming up in New Moon

her birthday cake that started the whole incident of Edward leaving :(

Brenda with Charlies jacket

The Hillywood folks... the dude looks like Jasper but the others not so much

the wanna-be Edward and Bella look alikes

We're super excited to see Emmett!!!

That would be him! Very hot stuff (but rather cocky too)

Brenda got the boot!

And Alice

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Kris said...

Wow- you ARE a Twi-fan! That is crazy that people spent all that money for THINGS. Did you hear about the BIG Twilight convention in Houston this summer? It's gonna be the real deal, with all the actors & TV networks covering it & everything. I saw a show about it the other day & actually thought of you. Buy your tickets now!